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CONTACT: Kerry Townsend Jacob, 310-806-0893

Torrance, CA – For the second time this year, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has initiated an official investigation into allegations that the David Hadley for Assembly campaign has violated California election law. This time, the FPPC is investigating a complaint filed by the Al Muratsuchi for Assembly campaign that the Hadley campaign failed to identify itself on a robocall that went out to voters across the 66th Assembly District. Failing to identify the candidate or organization with “paid for by” or “authorized by” on a robocall to over 500 voters is a violation of California law.

As laid out in the complaint:

“We write you to submit a formal complaint against David Hadley, Assemblymember and candidate for re-election to the 66th Assembly District, and the David Hadley for Assembly 2016 committee, for violation of the Political Reform Act, specifically Government Code section 84310, which requires that the candidate or committee that paid for a robocall be disclosed during the call.

On October 13, 2016, a robocall was initiated by David Hadley and David Hadley for Assembly 2016, in which David Hadley recorded a message which was transmitted to call recipients and which stated (in its entirety) as follows:

Hi! This is David Hadley and I represent you in the California Legislature. I'm endorsed by the Daily Breeze, California Small Business Association and over 80 local elected leaders here in the South Bay. I'm very proud that the Governor signed my new law preventing school administrators from covering up sexual abuse by teachers and staff and my law giving active duty military parents more options for where to send their kids to school. It was because of voters like you that I was elected in 2014 and I hope you'll vote for me again on November 8th. If you should have any questions, call my campaign headquarters in Torrance at 310-896-5480 or visit for more information. Thank you.

As you know, recorded telephone calls advocating a candidate's own election to 500 or more people must identify the candidate that paid for the call or an organization authorizing the call that files campaign reports. (See Cal. Gov't Code § 84310.) In short, the recorded call must identify that the call is "paid for by" or "authorized by" the identified candidate or organization.

In the present case, no such identification was made, and any arguable attempt at identification falls well short of what is required by law and accepted practice. The fact that David Hadley's voice appears on the recording does not excuse the violation since the exception for the ID requirement applies to telephone calls personally dialed by the candidate, campaign manager, or volunteers. (See Cal. Gov't Code § 843 l O (a); see also FPPC Political Advertising Disclaimer Publication (copy enclosed).) The call at issue is a robocall and was not personally made by Mr. Hadley or someone from his campaign.”